Interlapse Launches Virtual Currency Platform: Canada

VANCOUVERJune 19, 2019 /CNW/ – Interlapse Technologies Corp. (TSX-V: INLA) announces the official launch of, where Canadians can now purchase virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a simple, fast and secure manner.

Today’s press announcement follows the completion of Coincurve’s positive six-month pre-release testing period, which has resulted in internal operational efficiencies and security enhancements, as well as user experience optimizations.

Moreover, during this testing period Interlapse has developed complementary commercial applications for the Coincurve platform, which generates additional, value-added revenue streams.

“We are proud to officially introduce Coincurve to Canadians,” says Interlapse CEO, Wayne Chen. “The virtual currency market has been showing signs of significant breakthrough, and in a more steadied state, with a closer link to the utility value rather than price-swing speculations.”

During the test period, Coincurve established organic growth over six consecutive months, with steady and sharp increases in new customers as well as transaction volumes.

Given these encouraging results, as well as the demonstrated revenue-generating model and scaling prospects, Interlapse plans to introduce into additional jurisdictions.

“Coincurve was developed with the goal of expanding into emerging countries with dense populations, which is the cornerstone of our vision,” Mr. Chen further commented. “We are eager to achieve our next milestones, including expanding our suite of virtual-currency-powered applications.”