It's like a Bitcoin vending machine.

No Need to Sign up

Built for everyone, you can buy Bitcoin right away without needing to sign up. No need to worry about account login and password ever again!

Fast & Easy

Simply go through our secure verification process and purchase up to 20,000 PHP worth of Bitcoin into your personal wallet.

Control Your Own Bitcoin

We don’t hold your Bitcoin, you do. We deliver Bitcoin to your personal wallet after your purchase. This is how Bitcoin should be secured and stored. Your Bitcoin, your wallet, your control.

Coins with Actual Value

The choices are simple, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. We only sell coins with actual value and utility. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are spendable, usable and accepted at shops worldwide.

Born in Canada, Delivered Worldwide

Purely established and developed in Canada. Our goal is to deliver our simple and easily-scalable solution into more countries worldwide.

No Bank? No Problem

With thousands of payment centers nationwide, you have the convenience of paying with cash to instantly buy Bitcoin. We are always working on new payment methods to offer as many options as possible.

Ready to buy some Bitcoin?