Refund Policy

Last modified on November 27, 2020

Please read the Refund Policy carefully, as it constitutes the agreement and understanding with respect to the use of any or all of the Services and any manner of accessing them, between Skyrun Technology Corp. (“Skyrun”, “us”, “our” or “we”) and the person, persons, or entity (“you” or “your”). The terms of this Agreement apply to any access and use of our website, mobile app, platform and applications (collectively, the Site”), and any of our products, software and services offered through the Site or otherwise made available by us or any of our affiliated or partner companies (collectively, the “Services”)​​.

The Refund Policy is a part of the Terms of Service and is incorporated therein by reference.


You acknowledge and agree that all purchases marked as in-process, processing, pending or complete are non-cancelable and irreversible ; there are no refunds, no exchanges, and no chargebacks. You acknowledge that we will process your transactions through the Services in accordance with your instructions, and you should carefully verify all instructions before placing any orders when using our Services. If there is an error in those instructions, then that is your risk and we do not accept any responsibility, liability or refund. We are not responsible or liable for any losses that arise as a result of you providing us with incorrect information.

It is the nature of Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies on the Services that all orders placed are final with no method of chargeback or recourse for you. As such we are unable to reverse or provide refunds for any payment made through our system. This also applies if you contact us before the payment is completed but it reaches completion before we are able to respond. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have entered a correct and valid wallet address to send your virtual currency to and you are using a high enough network confirmation fee for the payment to be processed.

We reserve the right to refuse to process, or to cancel or reverse, any purchase or sale of Digital Currencies in its sole discretion, even after payment has been received. If we suspect the transaction involves (or has a high risk of involvement in) money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other type of financial crime within our platform; in response to a subpoena, court order, or other government order; or if we reasonably suspect that the transaction is erroneous, in such instances, we are under no obligation to provide a refund or allow you to reinstate a purchase or sale order at the same price or on the same terms as the cancelled transaction.